Made from scratch...

Okay, here's the deal. Scratch was born in 2017 on a Spanish balcony after one too many jugs of sangria. Full of holiday optimism we were sure we could bring something to the table using resin and precious metals and challenge the preconceptions in the demi-fine jewellery. Applying traditional silversmithing techniques our work bears the mark of craftswomenship, with a modern and colourful aesthetic.

The brand aim has always been to empower regardless of skin colour, shape or size. We believe if you like it, wear it. We manufacture ethically and sustainably. Most of our metals is recycled or made from scrap silver and gold. We keep everything, even the dust! We hail from Kentish Town, with a makers studio in Brixton. Our cat Fred is always employee of the month. 

We're inspired by nature and the organic and free flowing shapes we find. Colour is our friend and we are unapologetically bold. We don't follow trends, we do what makes us happy and when. We are proud to be a slow fashion brand, encouraging sustainability and longevity.


Scratch was founded by Laura Brown a former Visual Merchandising Designer for Ralph Lauren, Warehouse, Evans and Reiss.​ Laura is a mostly self taught silversmith with a passion for granulation experimentation.


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